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Maison ZILLI

A French family business founded in 1965, ZILLI has made a name for itself in the men’s fashion industry by asserting itself as a forerunner in the invention of luxury leather jackets. ZILLI has been a benchmark in the industry for more than forty years now.

Its President, Alain Schimel, with the support of his wife and three children, has built up the House of ZILLI to encompass a full range of masculine clothing and accessories: Jackets, leather goods, suits, shirts, ties, knitwear, jeans, shoes, jewellery, glasses and fur.

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The jacket

«An iconic piece of clothing»

Since it was founded in 1965, ZILLI has been making luxury leather jackets, going against the tide of creation at the time. A true symbol of the skill of our craftsmen, the ZILLI jacket is evidence of the home-grown expertise developed in our Lyon “ateliers”.

With names such as Fox, Irony and Dragon, some of the jackets have become legendary, transcending time with a success that has never waned.

Calfskin suede, glazed lambskin, deer, python… only the finest skins are selected by the House of ZILLI. Having launched the peccary jacket back in 1973, ZILLI boldly introduced the crocodile skin jacket in 1982, which has since become a must-have item in luxury menswear.

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«Luxury marked with passion and emotion»

Cultivating quality, exceeding limitations, making customers’ dreams a reality….. this is what our daily business is all about at ZILLI, where nothing is impossible. An obsession for detail has infiltrated all of our “ateliers” and has become the spirit of ZILLI. Singularity, audacity, hedonism, excellence and durability are our quintessential values.

It is vital for the Maison ZILLI to perpetuate our expertise, support young talent, engage in a dialogue with Art and become involved with cultural institutions. At ZILLI, Official Sponsor of the Biennales de Lyon and of the Villa Medici in Rome, we aim to share our passion with the general public and with all the people with whom we work.



«Expertise born of experience and innovation»

Expertise at ZILLI goes hand-in-hand with advanced techniques and artistic skills and crafts. The heart of our business is working with fur and leather. ZILLI works with ultra-fine calfskin suede and glazed lambskin, but also with exotic animal skins such as peccary, python, crocodile, ostrich and kangaroo, all requiring specific expertise.

Jackets are made entirely by hand and decorative stitching and finishing touches are also completed by hand. In our “atelier” in Lyon, our craftsmen are continually developing new techniques. When carefully worked and softened, crocodile leathers drape almost as beautifully as fabrics. Chinchilla cashmere combines a glossy finish with a unique feeling of softness.